Soulfull Clarity

Well here goes!  Blog number one for the ‘business’ that has been in my heart for what feels like forever and a day. It is kinda surreal to be typing it… like as soon as I press Publish – something will shift.. ahhh the sweet feeling of childlike excitement and wonder – I freaking love it!

This is business number two for me.  The first love of my life was an Organic Skin Care company called Bubbles Organic and like all first loves it is still holding a very special piece of my heart.  Especially now that my kindred spirit and sister Mel has come into the business as my partner and by putting her very different and much needed energy into it to ensure it grows into the global skincare education leader it has the potential to be… This leaves me open to explore my new love… soulfull clarity..
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Introducing Soul-full Clarity

Introducing Soul-full Clarity
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