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“Awesome” is an overused word nowadays (there is even a TED about just how overused it is!)

Let’s apply it your life anyway

Where to start?!

Everyone’s journey is different and should be treated as such. Soulfull Clarity takes an in-depth look at your needs and customises the approach to what will best help you achieve that feeling of fulfilment in a way that works for you.  The first step is always a free 10 minute discovery session where we will a) make sure that our energies align and that working together will benefit both parties and b) make sure we have the same expectations around what is required in order for you to achieve your desired result.

To arrange your free discovery session please connect with us here.

Discovery sessions are where we usually come to an agreement agree on the best way to move forward however here are the options that Soulfull Clarity offer so you can have a quick look for yourself….


Awareness meets action

If you find yourself daydreaming about being able to hit a refresh button on your life then a complete mind and emotion detox plan is what you need and our Understanding meets Action guided 8 week program is for you. Please note – our detox’s do NOT involve giving up coffee or chocolate – in fact it is encouraged!

While some of you may want to address specific areas or aspects of your journey and then move on to the next phase of development, others may feel drawn to stay on the Soul Full Clarity path for an extended period of time (see below for our customised options)

Kate offers a 8 week mentor/development programme, where all areas of your subconscious can be explored, reviewed and where required, recreated.

This is SUPER exciting because having awareness and understanding are the keys to living your BEST life and the reasons why you held back from certain things are now closer than ever.

We’ll meet for 4 one and a half hour sessions over the duration of this program (sometimes longer) during which, we will be able to connect – REALLY connect – and begin to work our way through reprogramming your most self limiting core beliefs and experiences.  For you this process will be eye-opening and thought-provoking with lots of aha moments.

Committing to this programme means committing to long term growth. This may be exactly what you’ve been needing for longer than you know. The majority of what we hold to be true is held below the level of our conscious awareness in our powerful subconscious mind. These processes go beyond the power of affirmations, positive thinking and will power to enable long lasting change.

A bit about PSYCH-K

True healing is a partnership – a do with, not a do to process. The most important resources for making a change are within the individual making that change, not in the facilitator. Hence PSYCH-K is done with someone, not to them or on them. It follows that the real power to change is in the individual, not in PSYCH-K itself. PSYCH-K is used as a key to unlocking and activating that inner power.

There are 4 fundamental PYSCH-K balances completed in the duration of this program that are all unique in nature but with the same overall goal of leaving you feeling more connected to who it is you really are and to begin living life from a place of trust and creation rather than from stress and overwhelm.

To read a bit about the 4 unique PSYCH-K balances that we will work through over the duration of the program please click here.


Please note – The Open Your Mind online course PLUS 3 months access to the Soulfull Clarity portal is included when you invest in this package plus here is a note from Kate…;

When you commit to investing in this program, it tells me you are ready to take action to create a life you love and this deserves an equal level of energy from me which I promise you will get… It might also help to know that I love surprises – both giving and receiving so be prepared for a few little treats along the way….”  Kate




And if I’d prefer something more customised towards an issue I am wanting to resolve what are my options then..?


Kate recommends choosing one of two starting points depending on your level of knowledge in this area and self-awareness. This will show us which path to travel along as you progress towards a state of understanding, embracing and achieving the extraordinary:

  1. Open your mind (for Soulfull newbies): This all might be a bit new to you and you might not be used to a thought life with no boundaries because “conventional wisdom has held you back” An introductory short course will help give you a better understanding and is a great starting point. Here you will learn something of basic brain biology including and not limited to:
    1. the difference between our brain and our mind;
    2. emotions and what things mean to you; and
    3. what energy has to do with EVERYTHING.

As Kate puts her lifestyle first always always – she only ever has a certain number of people going through this process at any one time – to find out if there are any available spots right now OR when there will be please connect with us here.

This is about understanding your past and present state and how understanding this will effect your future.

  1. Identify and re-create your thinking (for the more Soulfully aware): Through various techniques customised for you, Kate will work with you to peel back the layers of preconditioned thoughts and beliefs. This is a journey into the subconscious mind where thoughts that block your potential can be explored, challenged and recreated. This series of sessions is ideal for those that hold a firm belief that there is more to their life than what they’ve been led to believe. If this interests you, connect with us to find out more about the next phase of your journey.

If this has you wondering if connecting with us could be what you have been waiting for, why not take life by the reins and book a free discovery session – there is no value for us in working with someone who isn’t quite ready for change so from our end we guarantee there is never pressure to move forward.  This is a ‘working with’ process that is only valuable if you are ready to take action to create a life you love.


“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds…” Bob Marley, “Redemption Song”


Your Soul Blueprint Assessment

As humans we are naturally curious. That’s why we wonder if there’s more, why we like certain things but are turned off by others. Have you wondered why some things come to you so easily while others always present mental and physical challenges?

Your Soul Blueprint Assessment not only answers some of these questions for you but also explores the stuff behind the answers. It’s a fascinating, in depth and useful exploration of your essence and an essential tool for creating the life you deserve.

Please note – The Soul Blueprint Assessment is also included to the 8 week programme so why not enquire now about getting to know yourself on an even deeper level.


One-off sessions – a casual glance inwards

Soul Full Clarity is committed to the development and fulfilment of participants in the 8 week programme but one-off sessions are also available when time permits. Typically, this option will be taken up by people already exploring what’s possible for themselves or those on a wonderful path but feel they could benefit by “checking-in” for some guidance every so often…

In both cases, Soul Full Clarity welcomes the opportunity to share in others’ journeys however booking priority will always be given to those committed to the 8 week programme while this is running.

For graduates of the Choose Your Own Adventure 8 week programme these are used as once a month where required as accountability sessions for continuing to stay committed to the extraordinary life you are creating…


The aim of these options is to be free from the limiting beliefs and psychological clutter that stands in the way of achievement, joy and freedom.

“You may feel that there is more to give and receive in life than you’ve been led to believe by yourself or others. I’d like you to look at the options offered by Soul Full Clarity because there’s more to everything than meets the eye, the heart and your brain. Let’s explore change and find out together.” Kate Watt with another way forward

Do you want to know a secret