My Toy box

Most of what I use in my sessions comes from what I have used to create change and expansion in my own life.

It was Joseph Campbell who discovered a hidden pattern in every story ever told about the hero and how its in the sharing of the hero’s journey that allows others to grow and evolve too.

I believe that we have been giving everything we need to create a life full of love, joy, amazing moments and loads of happiness…

Its easy to forget or lose faith in this inner power we all have and sometimes all we need is some guidance and a gentle reminder of what we are all truly capable of being.

Sometimes we just need a safe space to be….. and chat… and explore where we are at and where we are heading without judgement…

Some of the ‘toys’ in my toy box (another gentle reminder that life is about having fun!) are;


Popularly characterized as a spiritual process with psychological benefits, PSYCH-K is the result of “a series of intuitive leaps of consciousness,” generated by years of research and thousands of sessions with individuals and groups.

It is a simple, verifiable and direct way to change transform self-limiting beliefs into self-supporting beliefs at the subconscious level of the mind, where nearly all human behavior – both constructive and destructive – originates.

It’s overall purpose is to accelerate individual and global evolution by aligning subconscious beliefs with conscious wisdom from the world’s great spiritual and intellectual traditions.

It makes wisdom a self-fulfilling prophecy rather than a day-to-day struggle.

The practical application of this wisdom in our personal and professional lives brings a deeper sense of peace and satisfaction, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.Science has now proved that our beliefs, not our gene’s determine 95% of our decision-making and therefore outcomes.

Most of these beliefs reside in our sub-conscious and make up our hardwired, automatic and habitual programming.
The majority of these beliefs are installed, courtesy of our environment, and were inherited before we were 6 years old years old, with many of them no longer serving us and being self-limiting.

Now for the very first time, with PSYCH-K. everyone has the ability to short cut the change process and replace self-limiting subconscious beliefs, quickly and easily, with powerful self supporting beliefs with long lasting change

When Neil Armstrong landed on the moon in 1967 it was a giant leap for mankind as it was the first time that a human had walked on another world external to our own.

When Rob Williams originated PSYCH-K in 1988 it was another giant leap for mankind but an infinitely greater leap for our individual quality of life as it was the first time that a human was able to directly communicate with and optimize our previously hidden internal or subconscious world that controls 98% of our psychological and biological reality.

Now we can all quickly and verifiability optimize the software of your mind and dramatically improve the print out of our live.

Mind Mechanix

Very similar to Psych-k, MM allows me to tune into the subconscious mind of the person I am working with and facilitate change using energy psychology.   Here is a snippet of the founders web page;

Your thoughts are not set in stone, so all you need is a simple system you can follow to make permanent change.

If your mind has a giant hard drive all we need to do is reset your default program. If you have run on a failure program we show you how to remove fear and reset success. You will experience change like never before.
Energy Psychology is new science based on a century old theory – E = MC2
EVERYTHING IS ENERGY, and energy is changeable. That simply means an understanding of how we work gives us tools to change. Simple.

Without the connection to our own psyche, we can never really understand who we are. Without that understanding we aren’t able to change. Learn your differing levels of psyche, their effect on you and that you ultimately have control.
You can chose to stay in a “mood” or you can simply clear it. Bad days don’t exist in a mind that understands the way the energy works.

Amazing originators Tony and Eliza Priddle based on the Gold Coast.  Mind Mechanix is exploding with testimonials from clients who are experiencing change beyond their wildest dreams.!project/cngp


My mentors for using meditation as a tool for change are currently two very amazing men who seriously continue to BLOW my mind!

Firstly Dr Joe Dispenza

(excerpt from his website

As a researcher, Dr. Joe explores the science behind spontaneous remissions and how people heal themselves of chronic conditions and even terminal diseases. He’s more recently begun partnering with other scientists to perform extensive research on the effects of meditation during his advanced workshops. He and his team do brain mapping with electroencephalograms (EEGs) and individual energy field testing with a gas discharge visualization (GDV) machine, as well as measure both heart coherence with HeartMath monitors and the energy present in the workshop environment before, during, and after events with a GDVSputnik sensor. Soon, he plans to include epigenetic testing in this research, as well.

His work has expanded, deepened, and spiraled in several key directions—all of which reflect his passion for exploring how people can use the latest findings from the fields of neuroscience and quantum physics to not only heal illness but also to enjoy a more fulfilled and happy life. Dr. Joe is driven by the conviction that each one of us has the potential for greatness and unlimited abilities.

I attended Dr Joe’s progressive and advanced courses this year and life-changing doesn’t even begin to explain it.  I will be taking a group to his overseas unlimited advanced event next year and to be kept in the loop about that let me know here.


Vishen Lakhiani

Entrepreneur, education technology innovator, speaker, investor and philanthropist – Vishen Lakhiani is the founder and CEO of Mindvalley, a company specializing in innovation in education by introducing mindfulness and personal development into global education and perpetual learning.

Vishen is ambitiously determined to push humanity forward by empowering our audience to live healthier and happier lives, to unleash their fullest potential – to be extraordinary. How? Nelson Mandela affirmed it: with the most powerful tool of all – education.
He wants to revolutionize education globally and fill the education gap by providing transformational and holistic learning for all levels – by building successful app companies, health and fitness platforms, and online academies.

Vishen’s FREE meditation ‘The 6 Phase Meditation’ is amazing and is one I share with all of my clients.  The app is called Omvana and can be downloaded on all smart phones and devices.

Plus loads more… I might be a wee bit addicted to knowledge and reading and workshops and everything that I can get my hands on that will help be both live and guide others to live a life that is full of fun, magic and adventure!


I will always continue to expand and grow my knowledge – my role is to learn and immerse myself in what I love so that I can share these teachings with my own clients – next on the list is becoming a Yoga Instructor in Hatha Yoga.. Stay tuned!

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