5 Simple Steps To Setting A Clear Intention With Soul (That Will Actually Manifest..!)


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I’m sure this is a word you’ve heard at some point in your life.

The common reference that always comes to mind first for me is when it’s used in the context of a marriage or relationship from the parent’s perspective.

For example:

‘What is your intention with my daughter young man?’

It’s funny because my dad was never too bothered with stuff like that until the time that one of our partner’s acted in a way he didn’t like.

Then we realised just how much their ‘intention’ towards us actually mattered.

And matter it does.

There is NOTHING (in my humble opinion) more important than setting an intention for whatever it is you want to achieve.

Be that an actual goal, a feeling or the lifestyle you dream of leading

…It’s our intention that creates the foundation on which everything else is built.

And if that foundation is unstable, shaky and unsure, you can bet your bottom dollar that the result will be too.

So what are the steps you need to take to ensure that you are on your way to setting an intention with SOUL power?

Like all good things in life, setting an intention that has infinite power takes action.

Where our attention goes, energy flows.

It depends how badly you want it.

If you’re ready to take action and begin setting intentions that actually work, then this article is for you.

I believe there are five steps to setting an Intention with SOUL.

First, let’s look at a summary of the steps and then we will break them down into such precise detail that my five year old could nail it.

STEP 1: Clear Your Mind And Make Room For The New

Clear some junk (from both your schedule and your mind) and make room for the extraordinary.

In order to know what we DO want, we need to know what we no longer need.

This life is your masterpiece so we edit this list with a level of  tenacity it deserves.

We need a breakdown of what you do now so we can work out what stays, what goes and most importantly, what needs to be added.

We’ll continue to add to this list as we go through the process.

We’re going to start this step with walking you through a technique called Whole Brain Posture, which integrates the two hemispheres of your brain creating more coherence.

STEP 2: It’s Time To Create


What do you truly want your life to look like?

Let’s pretend there are NO limits to what you can have (because there actually isn’t).

We’ll chat about the powerhouse that is the frontal lobe and why this part of our brain is our BFF in this part of the process.

Are you more of an implementer than a creator?

Does this idea freak you out a little?

That’s totally fine.

Perfect in fact.

These steps break it down into bite size pieces that you can do bit by bit.

This is where we teach you how to become an Imagineer and to create Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic Anchors to attach to your goal.

Now that you know what it is you want to create, its time to see, hear and feel it in a way that leaves NO DOUBT.

In this step, we mention both a goal and a belief statement.

There’s a VERY distinct difference between the two and you’ll soon know why.

I’ll explain why this particular process gives it extra juice and conviction.

STEP 3: How To Articulate Your Intention


Here you’ll learn how to articulate your intention in a way that your subconscious mind not only understands but EMBRACES it.

I’ll step you through the 5 steps to writing a well-informed Intention Statement.

STEP 4: It’s Time To Take Action


These are the action steps you need to take to help bring your intention into reality easily and effortlessly.

I’ll provide you with some daily rituals to help keep you on track and to trust the process while it manifests.

STEP 5: Trust, Allow And Show Gratitude


This is the most important step.

It’s also the most challenging of all the steps.

If you can nail this, you’re working towards being the master of your mind.

This is the pinnacle for taking your divine inner power and becoming the TRUE creator of your reality.

Before we break down those five steps into bite size pieces you can start implementing in your life RIGHT AWAY,  we need to understand the basic theory behind the power of the mind so we can grasp these concepts and ideas from a place of true awareness.

Education and understanding are KEY elements when it comes to action and implementation.

There are some scientific reasons why this is so important.

Something you should know about me is I’m all about the science.

I believe and love the spiritual… absolutely 100%.

The degree to which I can trust it and dedicate my life to teaching other people about it, is to understand the science behind it.

Just a bit of Kate trivia for you.

Do you agree that if you UNDERSTAND why you are doing something that you’re much more inclined to take the necessary action required?

OK, great.

Stick with me. This is super important and it won’t take long.

Our Conscious And Subconscious Minds: What Are They And What Roles Do They Play?


Our Conscious Mind  

When you’re setting goals, creating, using the imagination, making decisions or analysing who you want to be, how you want to feel and who you want to show up as in the world…

…you’re using the part of the brain that’s called the conscious mind.

Our conscious mind is only able to process information from our past and our future.

It’s unable to be in the present moment.

It can be but its not where it usually is.

Scientific research shows that we only access and use this part of our mind approximately 5% of the time.

That’s it.

Another interesting fact is that our conscious mind can process information at about 40bits per second.

You might want to remember this when reading the next section.

Our Subconscious Mind 

In another area of our brain, we have our subconscious mind.

Unlike our conscious mind, this part of our brain is only ever in the PRESENT MOMENT – the direct opposite to that of our conscious mind.

This is what books like ‘The Power of NOW’ by Eckheart Tolle and are all about.

It’s the basis of mindfulness.

Being present allows us to completely relax,let go of expectations and pressures and allows us to simply be….

…if only for a short while.

It’s also where we store all of our deep seeded beliefs.

The majority of them have been stored there since we were 7 to 8 years old.

Crazy but its true.

We use this part of our brain for pretty much everything we do without having to think about it:

Breathing, heart pumping blood, digestion and blinking to name a few.

It’s working in the background doing all of the above functions every moment of day and night.

This also includes things like driving a car, riding a bike and chewing – things we had to learn and usually do over and over again.

We call these memories implicit memories, which basically means we no longer have to think about it to do it.

We can do it without much thought at all.

You might remember a time when you arrived somewhere in your car and you had no recollection of what you drove past and even which streets you turned down.

That’s because you were ‘daydreaming’ and using your subconscious mind to do the driving for you.

As far as processing capabilities are concerned, this powerhouse processes 40 MILLION bits per second.

Just a tad more than the above.

There are other ways to effectively access your subconscious mind.

All of them are detailed and require training and/or practice, which I’ll explain in a future post.

Our RAS Or Reticular Activating System 

Our conscious and subconscious minds are communicating with each other ALL the time and one of the ways they do that is through our RAS or Reticular Activating System.

Our RAS is a cluster of nerves found at base or our brain stem that acts as a kind of gate master between our two minds.

You’ve just learned that our subconscious mind can process 40 million bits of information per second, which is pretty much every single thing that is happening within and around you at any given millisecond in time.

Every single one of these things is noticed by your subconscious mind with its uber powerful processing ability.

The role of our Reticular Activating System is to make us aware of whichever of these millions of things applies to or is of interest to us and to filter out the rest.

Its first and most important port of call is to call us to action if we’re in danger.

If one of the billions of things it notices is a threat to our life or safety, it will activate our flight, fight or freeze response in an attempt to protect us from this perceived threat.

Our RAS is our personal filter.

What my RAS believes is important applies to me and me only, which is why its so important to understand how and why our thoughts really do create our reality.

The perfect example of how this works is this:

Have you ever decided you wanted to buy a new car and as soon as you decided on which make and model you wanted you began to see this car everywhere?

That is because your RAS has been programmed by your repetitive thoughts and emotions about this new car and it’s now aware you want one so it’s letting you know when there is one around you.

Primarily what we see or focus on increases and when we change our filters, our viewfinder has been modified so we can see things differently.

“Also when we are positive we become more attuned to noticing opportunities, we cope better with setbacks and remove obstacles” (Warren cited by M. Hughes in ‘Hypnotherapy Today’ Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy Journal Volume 2)

This magical process applies to anything your direct your energy and emotions towards.

So when setting a powerful intention or goal, we need to be aware of a few important pieces of data related to our brain:

  • That our subconscious mind can only be in the present moment
  • That our SCM only understands and relates to you as the first person
  • That we have a RAS that is helping us filter all of the excessive information we experience so that we can ‘see’ and find a way to what we focus MOST of our attention on.

All of this will make complete sense by the end of this.

I’m sure most of you are aware of how powerful our brain is but I assure you that it’s more powerful than what we can imagine in our wildest and most lucid dreams but that’s a topic for another day.

Breaking Down The Steps To Setting a Peacefully POWERFUL Intention

It’s time to make some magic happen.

Are you ready to rumble?

I suggest you grab a few things before you start that will make this process easier and will save you having to break the zone mid way.

You might want:

  • a BIG piece of paper or a roll of butchers paper – I love the roll but I am all about using BIG diagrams and images so whatever works best for you here is fine.
  • Coloured pens/pencils – again not a necessity but it can come in handy when we are smashing through Step One.
  • Tech savvy peeps – you can replace the above two with your Ipad and the Evernote app.
  • Water to stay hydrated (sorry – it’s the beauty therapist part in me – water is just SO freaking important).
  • Some images from magazines that you might use in Step Two when you’re creating your new amazing life plan. (Or you could find images on Google and print them.)
  • Finally, ample time to do this and do it properly. It can be paused if life happens, especially for those of you with children – the most unexpected things on the planet.

But it would be awesome to have the time set aside to do this.

It’s going to be different for all of you but you will need about half an hour or so.

This will get quicker every time you do it.

Let’s begin:

STEP 1: Clear Your Mind And Make Room For The New

Here is my son getting his meditation on… They love listening to what Mummy does and I love that they have even a small understanding of the importance of this in their daily lives. 15 minutes a day can (and will) change your life.



Clear the clutter and find focus.

Clutter is rarely a good thing, whether it be our work desk, our kitchen cupboards, our car, our inbox or even our mind.

If we’re planning on setting an intention with SOUL we need to make sure that all the other rubbish is out of the way so we can come at this from a place of alignment and clarity.

It’s near impossible to focus on one task when you have a whole heap of other seemingly important tasks either in your physical view or clouding your mind.

Even when we have set aside time to focus, those other niggling things on our list will continue to pop in and disturb us unless we’re feeling completely organized and know that everything is sorted as it should be.

This step also allows more focused dedication from our RAS to focus on things we want rather than giving that energy to things that are simply fogging our view.

In order to do this, I need to ask you to grab a piece of blank paper, a pen or pencil and a thick marker (or for you really tech savvy peeps, your ipad, pen and the evernote app).

Before we start though let’s create a Whole Brain State.

So what does a Whole Brain State even mean?

When we are Whole Brained, we are utilizing both our two hemispheres of our brain rather than just one.

When we’re triggered by something that creates a stress response in our body, which let’s face it could be anything these days, our brain compartmentalizes.

When this happens, the right side of our brain can no longer effectively communicate with the left side of our brain.

The right side of our brain is our emotional powerhouse.

The right side thinks big and is creative, feeling, compassionate, community minded, visual imagery, music and is more non-verbal.

The left side of the brain is the analytical mastermind.

It tends to think small and loves numbers, graphs, logic, mathematics, thinking for the individual, speaking and routine.

Ive always loved this image – I think it shows the differences really clearly.

FULL of colour, connection and fun in the right brain and its all grey, solo and thinking in the left….













You can see even from this very basic explanation that we would be much more effective if we had access to both hemispheres right?

Would you be surprised if I told you that most of the time we don’t?

We are all more dominant in one side.

Have you already worked out which is your more dominant side?

Dividing the two hemispheres is a bundle of nerves called the Corpus Callosum.

This is supposed to act as a bridge between the two sides and when we are in a Whole Brain state, that’s exactly what it does.

When we are over worked, stressed, anxious, sad, jealous or sitting with any of the negative emotions we can feel, that bridge becomes a barrier.

Under stress the Corpus Callosum hardens and information can no longer travel through it into the other hemisphere.

This is what creates the dominance in one of the two sides.

If we right brained dominant, we are less likely to look at things logically or systematically.

If we’re left brained dominant, we struggle to access our emotions or our creativity.

When we create a Whole Brain State we effectively relax the Corpus Callosum so that it can act as a bridge again rather than a block or a barrier.

The benefit of this is simple.

You will regain access to your WHOLE brain, which is how we are supposed to be all the time.

Another important fact to note.

Our right hemisphere controls the left side of our body and our left hemisphere controls the right side of our body.

Cool hey?!

So in order to create a Whole Brain State we need to use our WHOLE body.

Take a second to look through this list of activities we use our whole body most of the time:

  • Running
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Dancing
  • Gymnastics
  • Playing

It’s not surprising that everything on this list is recommended by pretty much every health care professional as something we should be doing daily.

One of the major reasons why theses activities help you to feel amazing is that they create a Whole Brain State.

Yes you’re also burning calories and releasing lots of happy hormones like Seratonin and Dopamine but in every case you’re also reconnecting the two hemispheres of your brain.

Something that is working for you every millisecond of every day.

I am going to show you a way that you can create Whole Brain State in less than 5 minutes and without putting on your workout gear.

I’ve included some images so that you can follow along more easily.



Its as simple as finding somewhere to sit down for up to 5 minutes.

I have done this in the public toilet of the airport before so no excuses please.

Once you are seated, cross one ankle over the other as in the 3rd image.

You can choose which ankle you want on top – whichever is most comfortable for you.

Then cross over your wrists like in the 4th image.

Now interlock your hands like you are holding hands with yourself – see the 5th image.

From here you can choose to leave them in your lap OR like in image 6 you can fold them up onto your chest – completely your choice.

Then simply sit like this for about 5 minutes.

Breathing in and out through your nose will give you an extra boost with all that delicious Prana energy entering your body.

I have done up a printable version of these diagrams with Step by Step instructions that you can download at the end of the post.

I’m a HUGE believer in daily rituals (or Happiness Strategy’s as my friend Jack Delosa from The Entourage refers to them – might just have to start borrowing that terminology I think!)

If you took the time to create a Whole Brain State at the very least twice a day, you’ll notice a difference immediately.

And every time you do it – you are reminding your body that this is what you are supposed to feel like.

Centred, calm, content and HAPPY!

In the morning, and then before going to bed are great times of the day to introduce it.

1% of 24 hours is 15 minutes.

I’m suggesting even less than 1% of your day to gain full access to your hard drive all day long.

Might be worth a try.

Another great time to create a Whole Brain State is right now – before we clear out the clutter!

So before you start your list, let’s try it out.

See you in less than 5 minutes.

Great – feel better?

Let’s get started.

Now I want you to write down EVERY single thing that’s on your mind right at this very point in time.

EVERY single thing.

It doesn’t matter what it is.

Let’s get it out so that we have a beautiful clear and free space to work with.

This is your private to do list and doesn’t need to be shared with anyone.

Add anything that pops into your head from ‘write proposal for meeting with blah next week’ to ‘get waxing done’.

This could be a SUPER long list or it might be short, as long as everything you think of is written down, it’s perfect.

Once you’re done with the list, grab your marker.

The next step is to write next to each thing on the list one of the following letters:

M – Move

I – Important

N – Not important

D – Delegate

Move – are the things that can wait until tomorrow or later in the week/month (we’re going to create another list for them).

Important – these are the things that you need to focus on TODAY and today only.

Not Important – these are things we can delete completely.  We can move these to another list if need be and possibly when we have more time to work out what needs to be done with them.

Delegate – are the things we can give to someone else to do.

Once you’ve given everything on your list a letter M, O, V or E please:

  • Write up the MOVE list with all the tasks that can wait until another time
  • Write up the DELEGATE list and put the name of who you are going to delegate each task too
  • Write up the IMPORTANT list so you have a much smaller and focused list of tasks that need your immediate attention
  • Check through the NOT IMPORTANT list and see what will need attention at some point and add those to the bottom of the IMPORTANT list and then throw the NOT IMPORTANT list out

Now pop all of those lists aside with the IMPORTANT list on the top so that when you have finished this process you can get straight back into it.

If dealing with a couple of those super important tasks is going to make this process more enjoyable for you then please consider doing them BUT only if leaving them could be detrimental.

If they can wait, leave it.

Your mind should be feeling clear now and you should have shifted any anxiety about things being left undone and or late.

This is the perfect way for us to move into STEP TWO:

STEP 2: It’s Time To Create

I believe as adults we always seem to have the tendency to think, feel and generally dream too small.

With kids it’s all about living LARGE and living LOUD.

Kids LOVE to live LOUD! They laugh and play and roll in the sand and the leaves…. Life for them is still about having FUN!


I use to lose count some days of how many times I would ask my kids to “shhhhhhhh” or “keep it down please Mumma’s head is hurting from all the noise.”

The same thing happens at school, when they visit their grandparents, when we take them to the shops or worse, to a office or clinic where it’s so quiet its eerie.

They’re surrounded by experiences telling them to turn down their volume.

But kids don’t feel the same way about noise as we do.

They LOVE noise.

My children have taken up who can make the most annoying noise for the longest without taking a breath.

Its their new favourite game and not so much mine.

Kids also love life.

They wake up alive and ready to start the day.

Can you remember waking up and knowing you were hitting a theme park or a water park that day?

Remember that bounce in your step…?

Kids run and play and move and sing and scream and LIVE.

Why on earth are we asking them to turn it down when that is exactly what life is all about?

They tell me all the time, “when I grow up I’m going to have _______________ ,“ insert anything their little heart desires at that point in time.


Because they BELIEVE that they can.

When did adults stop believing?


Its time to start again.

If we’re honest, what most of us truly wholeheartedly want in our own lives is to be really REALLY happy and to not have to hide or lower the volume on that for anyone.

…(Ok minus the weird noise game and the occasional arm farting) but the whole living loud and waving our arms in the air because we just don’t care and dancing like nobody is watching … that part rocks.

I no longer ask my kids to “shhhhhhhh” anywhere near as much.

Yes there are times when I do.  Of course there is.

I do live in reality after all, but in general, I’m much more conscious now and I make sure that along with our daily digital detox we also have lots of loud.

Living BIG is exactly where your mindset needs to be when it comes time to sit down and really put some energy into creating the life you want to live.

This is where you get to paint in colour and outside the lines.

You’re the only person who can see that vision and hear what it sounds like and feel what it feels like.

Its up to you and there are practically no boundaries.

I say practically because it’s important that our dreams and visions don’t have a negative counter effect for the people that we love.

For example, I would LOVE to live in Bali for 3 months and soak up the atmosphere and spend all day doing yoga and meditation.

However, I’m pretty sure that my kids would miss their mumma way too much at the young age that they are right now.

That’s what I mean by considering our loved ones.

This is also where we ‘FAITH it till we MAKE it.’

What you’re creating here doesn’t exist yet.

That’s the whole point.

Don’t go getting caught up in ‘should be’ and ‘shouldn’t be.’

For now , lets just pretend anything is possible (because it is).

And start there.

I’m now going to take you on a journey into your creative powerhouse:

Your Frontal Lobe.

When I first started researching the brain, it was the frontal lobe that kick started my addiction.

I can honestly say that I may soon need to begin sentences with “Hi my name is Kate and I am a Frontal Lobe addict…”

For this next part, read through the steps.

Then I’m going to ask go through this process again yourself with your eyes closed.

When we have our eyes closed, we begin to enter an Alpha brain wave state, which means our brain activity slows down and allows our frontal lobe to do what it does best:

To switch off all the other parts of our brain so we can focus our attention on creating a sensory experience of the goal we’re creating.

So this is where you would close your eyes .

But not yet.

Please read through this first:

To start we’re going to further slow our brain waves by taking five slow breaths in and out.

Breathing in for five seconds.

Pause at the top holding the breath for another two seconds.

Then breathing out for five seconds.

This may feel awkward at first but it will become effortless in no time at all… promise.

After you have taken the five breaths…

…imagine if you will, that you’re looking at a still-life photo or a short video of what it is you’re creating.

Visual Anchor – What Your Eyes Will See

We need to make sure that every part of our dream or goal is covered in one of three visions that we’re going to create.

If you need or want to do more, go for it but three is the minimum.

For example, if I was creating a 3-month holiday in Bali I might see something like this:

Still-Life Photo Example

I can see my Mac computer screen open in my gmail accounts page with an email from Virgin Airlines open.

I can see a departure date of 11th of May 2016 to Denpasar Bali and I can see underneath that a return date of 11th of August 2016 to Brisbane Australia.

11 might be my favourite number…. maybe…

This is a photo of a villa in Bali that will help act as a visual of somewhere I will stay or live while I am creating this intention I am setting…











I can also see that I am flying First Class as they have confirmed that my seat number is 1A (why the hell not right).

OR I might like to visualise the villa I am living in.

So you know it would look a bit like this;


A Short Video Example Might Go Something Like This:

I’m sitting at a table in room that is full of traditional Balinese furniture and I’m looking out through big bi-fold doors over an infinity pool that then overlooks the ocean from up on a cliff.

I’m sitting with another Australian lady and we’re laughing and drink tea.

I scan down to a piece of paper on the table that has lease agreement written at the top.

As I scan the page I can see a start date of 12th of May 2016 and a finish date of 5th of August 2016 (I’m going to stay in Nusa Dua for the last few days and have a ‘holiday’).

I can see that it says the rent has been paid in advance and that there’s no money owing.

There’s a pile of keys next to the paperwork that I pop my ‘love’ keyring on.

One important point here is that when it comes to visuals, your subconscious mind isn’t going to recognise happy or gorgeous or excited.

We need to make it super simple and say something like I have said above “we are laughing and drinking tea.”

That makes it obvious that you’re happy without using the word happy.

Make sense?

Now it’s your turn to come up with three visuals of what it is you’re creating.

Here’s some hints that will help you if you’re stuck for what to use:

  • A bank statement with however much you want coming into the credits column.
  • A contract – include all the details including the date. If we miss that part, it will have no idea when to make this happen for you.
  • A wallet with lots of hundreds in it – good for a general ‘more money’ goal.
  • You might see a wedding invitation with your names on it.
  • You might see yourself sitting on a beach drinking a cocktail – remember you have 3 visuals to get all the information into. It would be more difficult to get a date into this one. That only needs to be in one of them.
  • You might see a story in a newspaper about your business selling for $5M or for collaborating with Richard Branson.

The options here are limitless. 

Share your ideas in the comments below. Your idea may help other readers and dreamers come up with their own ideas. If you’re in a forum, share your ideas there too.

It’s time for you to close your eyes and see your three visuals in as much detail as possible.

Once you’ve done that, write them all down on your piece of paper one after the other.

Here is an example of one visual I have used for this intention. I have re-read this on finishing and edited using the orange to make sure its exactly the way I can ‘see it in my minds eye. The clearer it is for your subconscious – the better…!
















That is the visual part sorted.

Now it’s time to put some focus onto the two auditory components of this goal that you are creating:

Auditory Anchor: What Your Ears Will Hear

What are you going to be saying to yourself once you’ve achieved this goal?

And what are you going to hear people saying about you once you’ve achieved this goal?

What will you just be hearing in general?

Auditory is not my strongest communication method so I find the best way to do this is to go back into one of the above visuals and to simply imagine what it is that I will be hearing and / or saying in it.

It could be something as simple as a cork popping out of a champagne bottle.

Because you have the visual, this will make perfect sense to your subconscious mind plus a cork popping generally means there is a celebration happening.

Let’s go back to my Bali example for this too.

What I will be saying to myself is:

My life really is one big amazing adventure.


Now what am I going to pack for my 4 month adventure in Bali?


By golly its hot!  Lets head to Potato Head for a swim! (maybe not the by golly – but you get my drift)

What I will hear people saying about me might be:

“Can we come and stay with you while you are living in Bali?”

“Miss Kate, when will you be arriving in Bali?” (This is obviously the gorgeous host of the villa I’m going to be renting or given to use for the time I’m there.)

What I will be hearing in general

I’ll be hearing waves crashing and Andy Grammer on my stereo.

I’ll be hearing the waitress asking “did you order the Caprioska Miss Kate?”

I can seriously taste and smell the lime right now… That is SO important in this process – the more senses you use the better it is!
















I‘m going to quickly reiterate a VERY important part of this process:

ELEVATED emotions.

When you’re imagining, hearing and saying these things, FEEL what it’s going to FEEL like.

We save most of the feeling stuff for the Kinesthetic step but add it wherever you can.

It’s the magic in the potion.

It’s what will take you from an ordinary goal setter and turn you into an intention setting manifestation magnet.

The third and final step of this process is anchoring the Kinaesthetic system, which is dedicated completely to how it feels when you’re living breathing and enjoying this new experience that you have created.

Just quietly, it feels even more amazing when you’ve done it yourself.

Like a whole new level of ‘you have got to be bleeping kidding me’ excitement.

Kinaesthetic Anchor – What Your Body Will FEEEEEEEEL

We’re going to close our eyes to eliminate that sense and really allow our body to go into a state of relaxation, which helps us become more suggestible to a new idea or goal.

First, here is what we’re going to focus on in this step:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, attaching an elevated emotion to a vision or goal is the quickest way to amplify it beyond measure.

You now know this. (So does repetition, which is why I might be repeating myself a bit in this piece. ;))

What if I told you there was a way you can amp up the energy even more?

Well there is and it’s super easy to do.

The best way to demonstrate this is to take you through the process.

I’m going to ask you to close your eyes (again) and imagine for a moment that goal or intention you’re setting out to achieve and take a wild guess at what it’s going to feel like when you’ve achieved it and  literally living it?

Say out loud now the first emotion that comes to mind.

If you paused here to check if anyone will hear you, STOP.

The best people in this world are the ones that have a bit of crazy in them.

So what is the emotion?

Is it excitement?




Complete and utter JOY?

Now, can you remember a time in your life where you felt this before?

This might be something really small.

It only needs to be emotionally meaningFULL to you and nobody else.

This is the magic...


When we can remind our subconscious mind that this emotion is NOT new therefore sidelining any fear of the new or unknown that your body might automatically feel, you skyrocket that belief to the top of your subconscious to do list.

P.S. There will be another article covering the in’s and out’s, raising our energy and why that is the key to creating a negative nancy shield around you very soon.

If you cannot think of a time that you have felt this emotion this is also completely perfect.

This manifestation will simply become your memory for you next intention and so on.

Life is a journey after all and every day is another first day.

So once you have that emotion and you can feel it penetrating every cell of your body, we ‘re going to close our eyes again – just for a moment – and I want you to go through and answer each of the following.

Don’t write anything down as you’re going within to answer these questions. We’re going to do that once we have felt into each of them at the end of this step.

OK here goes:

  • What colour is the feeling?
  • Where can you feel it the most in your body?
  • What shape is the feeling?
  • What temperature is the feeling?
  • What texture is the feeling? 

So how did that feel?

Here is an example of some answers for my Bali Visualisation – My emotion was Gratitude…

Close your eyes and REALLY feel what it feels like to have this in your life.

Close your eyes and REALLY feel what it feels like to have this in your life.














How cool is it to realise you can feel the result of a goal before you even achieve it?

That’s the whole point if you haven’t already figured that out.

If this step was difficult for you, stop any self sabotage if that’s going on inside your head please and be gentle with yourself.

If this is new for you, then it might take a few tries to really get your body to join in on the party.

I can promise you that it’s working regardless because the fact that you are committing to the process cements and affirms your intention.

It will get easier every time – I promise.

Now its time to create your intention collage.

Not only does this further anchor these beliefs into your subconscious mind but it will also:

  • allow your inner child to play for a while, which we need to embrace MUCH more than we do
  • from a science perspective it activates your frontal lobe in a BIG way, which quietens the other areas of the brain related to stress and overwhelm so you can focus your attention on what you want rather than what you don’t
  • bump this goal up the most important goals list in your Reticular Activating System.

In marketing they call this ‘top of mind’ and the whole point is to stay in their focus so you are who they think of when they go to purchase or connect with someone.

Do you see now why this wording is used … because you are actually physically activating the ‘top’ of their mind or their frontal lobe!  Little bit of trivia for you.

You may save creating a super inspired Intention Collage for your REALLY big goals however even a small one with a few reminders of your emotional anchors will help build the energy around even the most seemingly teeny goals.

So on your sheet of paper I want to create something that looks a bit like this:

Getting my props ready for my Intention Board...

Getting my props ready for my Intention Board… When you use colour and images you are really switching on that frontal lobe part of your brain and the louder it is – the quieter the rest of the brain is which is exactly how we want it to be…















If you’re using this process for a BIG goal, we must begin to start trusting our own instincts more often.

If this is a BIG step for you to believe that this goal is a possibility, then treat it that way.

If it’s something you’re setting an Intention for but you feel quite connected to it already then you will only need the basics.

This process will work for both the really BIG goals and of course for the teeny ones and you can go as creator crazy or as minimal as you like.

The world would be a boring place if we all did things exactly the same way right?!

Let’s start at the top with what I suggest including if you want to go BIG:

My BIG Intention Collage

  • Your goal / intention written at the top of the page.
  • Write out your 3 visual anchors OR attach photo or image that shows this perfectly. See my image of Bali above. Remember to include those little details like dates where applicable.
  • Your Auditory Anchors written down.
  • The feeling that you connected your goal in the Kinaesthetic Anchoring process and a photo or a quick description of the memory you associated that feeling with.
  • If possible a drawing or image of the shape you felt in the Kinaesthetic process too.
  • Some space at the bottom of the page to write your rituals, your Well Formed Belief Statement and your action steps once we have completed this process.

Now let’s assume that you’re doing this for something that in your mind is a bit easier to accomplish and something you already feel somewhat connected too.

In those cases I would simply stick with:

  • Your goal at the top of the page.
  • One of your visual goals written or as an image.
  • The emotion you felt written in the colour you connected with in the Kinaesthetic process.
  • A space at the bottom for your Well Formed Belief Statement.

I mentioned in the beginning that I’ll explain the difference between a goal / intention and a belief statement.

That’s what we’re going to do in about two minutes’ time.

Now wasn’t that FUN?!

For all of the creators in the house I know it was.

For those of you who are new to this process and found it challenging then that’s brilliant too because you’ve just formed hundreds of new neural pathways in your mind by simply completing a new task so congratulations.

STEP 3: How To Create A Well Formed Belief Statement (And Why That’s So Important)

I mentioned before about some of the inner workings of the subconscious mind and one of the things that was highlighted is that it’s ALWAYS in the present moment.

This means that our memories, future plans and imagination are all dealt with by our conscious mind.

You may have at some stage in your life heard of and used Affirmations.

This terminology was made famous by the old school gurus of Positive thinking like Bob Proctor and Louise Hay.

Affirmations are pretty much the same thing as a Belief Statement.

The reason I refer to it as a Belief Statement is that I use two primary methods when I’m working with my clients – Pysch-K and Mind Mechanix.

In both, we refer to what we WANT as a belief statement.

So if you’ve used Affirmations before, this is pretty much the same thing with one exception.

So, lets go through the ‘5 guidelines to creating a Well Formed Belief Statement’ now:

(I’m not a huge fan of rules so let’s refer to these as guidelines… however, these are integral to the potential awesomeness of the results you will get.)

5 Guidelines To Creating A Well Formed Belief Statement

Guideline 1: Write it using present tense

We need it to read like its already happening so it can be recognised and understood by your subconscious mind.

This is the FAITH it till you make it phase.

This is potentially going to sound fake, impossible and even potentially ridiculous BUT what if you just do it anyway?

To ensure we are using present tense only language we want to avoid things like:

  • Going to
  • Will be
  • Planning on
  • One day
  • In the future

If you word it using these future tense examples, that is where it will stay forever … in your future.

Our subconscious mind is literal.

It isn’t able to analyse or tell the difference between negative and positive.

It simply believes what you tell it to believe and this is the core of why our beliefs shape our experiences.

So in order for your goal to become a belief, it needs to be written as though it’s already a part of your reality.

This is fun!

You get to pretend for a moment that it has already happened.

In fact, that’s what you’re going to realise is the KEY to creating a future that aligns with what you want.

Your inner world (your imagination) MUST be more real to you than your current experiences in your current reality.

Here’s an example using Bali again (just writing this blog is creating my dream vacation) in both the future and present tense.

Future Tense

I’m planning to live in Bali for 4 months of next year to enjoy their culture and deepen my meditation and yoga practices.

Present Tense

I’m living in Bali so that I can enjoy their culture and deepen my meditation and yoga practices.

Can you see and feel the difference?

Guideline 2 – It needs to be written in the FIRST person

Another important fact about our subconscious mind is that it’s concerned with one person and one person only.

Who do you think that might be?


The goal that you have could very well include other people and their role in your goal could be of great importance.

For example, if you’re getting married and you’re creating the perfect wedding day then it’s usually  going to involve other people.

When you’re creating in your subconscious mind, it must be worded in a way that your subconscious mind understands.

Your subconscious mind is only concerned with YOU.

It must read in the first person regardless of how important the other people are to your goal becoming a reality.

Where other people are important is in Step 2 – the visual, auditory and kinaesthetic anchoring process.

You can have them in every single one of those anchors to really lock that in.

This part MUST read in the first person.

This means avoiding terms like:

  • Us
  • We
  • They

Let’s start using only I and MY.

That’s it.

So let’s do a couple of examples again based on my goal.

Let’s assume I’m hoping my partner and / or kids will join me for some of the trip:

“Ben, the kids and I connect on a whole new level of amazing during the shared part of our Bali vacation.”

That sounds perfect right?

Yes it does but my subconscious mind won’t understand what that means so regardless of how great it sounds, it’s pointless.

It needs to look a bit more like this:

“I feel more connected than ever in my family unit with Ben and the kids during our vacation in Bali.”

Can you see and understand the difference between the two?

Both have the same outcome in mind.

Option two has the additional benefit of being completely understood by your subconscious.

Guideline 3 – It MUST be positively stated

We want to choose words that state what we do want rather than what we’re trying to change or no longer feel aligned with.

Let me show you some examples because for this guideline it really helps.

Let’s assume I’m wanting a new place to live because I’m getting a wee bit cramped in the small unit I’m currently living in.

I want to quickly mention here that as a society in general we are prone to using what I now refer to as a “positive negative.”

We tend to believe that if we give a negative statement a cheap make over by adding a positive word to it, that it automatically becomes a positive statement.

Unfortunately that’s not the way it works.

A perfect example is the common Australian slang comments:

“No worries” and “not bad.”

By putting “no” or “not” before it, we believe that it negates the negative word we have chosen to use.

At a conscious level it probably does a little.

I do believe that we genuinely mean it when we say it but by saying the word “worry” or “bad” we’re asking our RTA to search for more of this in our environment.

That’s the opposite of what we actually want.

If you decided to start using “too easy” OR “all good” instead, you would be amazed at the difference in your energy exchange with people almost immediately.

To ensure it’s positively stated, remember to focus on what you WANT rather than what you no longer feel aligned with.

An example of a positive NEGATIVE would be (the one you don’t want to use):

“I can’t wait to get out of here for a few months next year.” OR


And if we were to POSITIVELY state it:

“I’m excited about spending 4 months in Bali in August next year.”

Some other examples of what NOT to say, even in general conversation now that you are aware of this information might be:

  • I wish I wasn’t sick all the time.
  • I can’t wait until I don’t have so many bills.
  • I wish I wasn’t so stressed.
  • When I’m not so broke, I’ll take a holiday.

Instead you might try:

  • My body is healthy, strong and resilient.
  • I always have more money than what I need to spend.
  • My life is one fun adventure after the next.
  • I feel calm when I take things one step at a time.

When you start paying conscious attention to your language and the language of others it will surprise you just how positively-negative we actually are.

I’ll explain more about that in Step 4.

Guideline 4 – Make it emotionally meaningful TO YOU

This is the part where you get to add your own flare to it.

We all express the way we feel in different ways.

We have a natural way that makes us….US.

If you’re someone that expresses yourself loudly so everyone can hear then this is the step where we can juice it up a little.

Let’s look at the Bali example yet again to further clarify the reason for this part of the process.

My heart skips a beat every morning when I wake up and remember I am living my dream vacation in Bali.

I am a big feeler.

I can put emotion into just about anything and I can feel from my head to my toes.

The goosebump factor is my general indicator of whether something is in alignment or if it’s not.

If you’re normally more straight to the point and you keep your emotions close to your heart, then you can write your goal out like that too.

It has to feel right to YOU.

There is no ‘wrong’ way to do this part so there’s no need for an example of how NOT to do it.

My example above is to show you how I’ve added emotion that’s meaningful to me.

Guideline 5 – make it succinct 

This is because our Subconscious mind is kind of like talking to a 5-7 year old.

Remember that most of the beliefs that we have stored in there were established before we were 7 years of age so when we are communicating with it – we need to talk in a language that it comprehends.

If what you are writing would be too much for a 5 or 7 year old to understand – then it is safe to assume that it probably is for you Subconscious mind too.

This process that we are using means that we can go a bit deeper and a bit more lengthy with the belief statement wording BUT less is more where possible.

You are better off doing two separate goals than trying to squash a massive goal into one statement or process.

This is all about actually creating something that manifests so succinct where possible.

You want to avoid your subconscious mind looking and feeling like this;

bear scratching it head

If your subconscious mind can’t comprehend it – it can’t manifest it… simple as that.

OK that’s it.

That’s all of the 5 guidelines to writing a Well Formed Belief Statement.

There is not ONE way to write a belief.

As you can see, I’ve written a few different versions of a belief for my vacation in Bali and all of them are written ‘correctly’ that fit into the guidelines.

Other than that, it’s completely up to you and you know now that ‘succinct’ is one of the 5 guidelines.

So if you’ve got it nailed in a quick 5 word sentence, that’s perfect.

If you prefer, put your Belief Statement in the comments below and if it needs tweaking I’ll give you some pointers.

STEP 4: Taking Action

The next step is SUPER important but in saying that I don’t want this to become the part that you focus all of your attention on either.

This is where we talk ACTION STEPS.


Taking action is always a BIG part of manifesting a dream. It just might be a little different to the way you used to take action.











When I talk actions steps, it might be a bit different to what you have heard them described as before.

I don’t agree with or condone my clients doing anything that makes them feel ‘blah’ so this is an important step in setting the action steps process of a CLEAR intention.

When I say ‘feel blah,’ I’m talking about things that don’t align with your core values and your core characteristics.

To be clear, I’m not talking about the ‘blah’ that you feel when you step outside our comfort zone.

This kind of ‘blah’ is good because it means growth and expansion.

If you’re only just beginning to get to know yourself and if you’re still working out who you want to be when you grow up, this part might take you a while to work out but stick with it.

Go through the process and keep learning more about yourself as you do.

Here are some basic tips on how to determine an ‘eek I’m outside my comfort zone’ blah from an ‘eeeeeek I have bad vibes about this’ blah:

We generally ‘know’ that we’re heading outside our comfort zone  because we have made a decision that requires us to change in some way.

At this stage we might KNOW that we are changing ‘towards’ something we are excited about OR we might KNOW we are doing something that we shouldn’t be – the ‘blah’ discomfort will be there either way.

The trick is being able to work out if its good blah or walk away right now blah!

Any change, especially if it’s been a long time since changes were made, can be daunting and uncomfortable.

This is because our body is addicted to the emotions that our current experience creates, so like breaking any addiction you need to push through the discomfort initially and it will get easier and easier to do as you persist.

This is when you really want to do whatever it is that is scaring or expanding you BUT its new – so you pause and freak out a little.

Just take your time with this – there is no rush.

Break it down into baby steps and take it one at a time.

When I ended my marriage a few years ago – it took me a REALLY long time to one; make sure I was making the right decision and then two; to actually take the action required.

Step one – There is sometimes hard decisions to make.

Step two –  Hard action to take normally follows.

Be patient with yourself and spend time with someone who understands and supports your choice.

I can remember someone telling me at the time, that as soon as I say it – that I will KNOW that I have done the right thing.

And as hard as it was and as sad as it was – I did.

The other type of ‘blah’ we might be talking about a gut feeling we have that tells us something about this isn’t right OR it could relate to something we know doesn’t inspire us regardless of the power in our intention.

Sometimes the latter is something we have to suck up and just get done.

For example, I LOVE creating … I was born to come up with idea’s and inspire others to do the same.

When it’s time to make the plan to implement, my eyes kind of haze over and I go into what my business partner refers to as my ‘quiet place.’

I can do it if I have to and in the early days of running a business you’re pretty much all of the staff members rolled into one so this is all part of start up fun.

The type that concerns me is the part where you get a sense that something isn’t right.

This could be a person you have connected with to help you achieve your intention.

It could be as simple as a type of exercise you wanted to commit to but your body has other idea’s.

Its a feeling only you will know – when your body is saying NO you KNOW… We have just gotten so used to not listening that we have forgotten how important this inner compass we all inherently have is.

Any feelings of dis-ease creates ‘disease’ so we must start listening again and get our brave on.

What we KNOW isn’t always the easy option – but its what we KNOW so we MUST listen – even when we are not really sure what it means…


The dots will connect at some point – I promise.

(If this is still tricky for you even after reading the following tips then connect with me here and let’s see if a session will help. This is kinda important stuff so best to get it sorted sooner rather than later.)

So for every intention you set, try and come up with a minimum of 3 Action Steps you’re going to put in place.

Actions Steps MUST always include a time and/or date you’re going to complete it by.

This is so you’re accountable for taking the necessary steps.

It also sends a clear message to both your conscious and your subconscious mind that you’re serious about this goal becoming a reality.

If you know you’re not the best person to keep yourself accountable, then contact that person in your life that is (we all have one of those) and ask them to please keep you accountable to the times and dates you have set yourself.

This could be the key to whether you succeed or not.

Action Steps are simply the next step or first step towards achieving whatever it is you have set out to achieve.

Using our example of a 4-month Vacation in Bali we could use the following actions steps:

  1. Before Saturday the 5/9 put a diary beside the bed with a pencil so that I can write out my Intention twice daily from that day forwards.
  2. Begin to research places to live over there so I have an idea of pricing. Look at two different places each day on Instagram and check with Bali Bible too.
  3. Begin adding one of my visualisations of my long vacation in Bali to my morning meditation practice.

You can see that they don’t have to be full on.

My first step is easy to accomplish but also VERY important for the process in general and it’s potential to come into fruition.

You might choose to write out a whole heap of action steps and just work your way through them OR you might set aside some time each week to update them.

Either is fine as long as you do it.

I find remembering all the things I choose to do each day quite difficult if I don’t have little reminders around my house.


You might even do a very basic schedule that shows your intention and your actions steps with a space to tick if that has been achieved or not.

It depends how visual you are.

I’ve always used reward charts with my kids so this system works in our house.

When you finish the 3 Action Steps you have set yourself, you will need to decide if there’s more steps for this goal and if there are, follow the same steps as you did for the first three.

If you believe you’ve done all that you can, then that leads us perfectly into Step 5.

STEP 5: Trust, Allow And Show Gratitude

The first part of the final step, is in my experience, and also that of my clients, the most challenging.

Once you nail it, it’s often the most rewarding by far.

That is:

To surrender and allow your intention to happen without gripping onto it for dear life.

It’s about having peace and non-attachment and knowing you’ve done all that you can.

And the really cool part is that as soon as you truly let go and let a greater power conspire to bring whatever it is you wanted into your life, that’s when it comes.

I call this step challenging because it’s only because it’s new to you.

Like most things, the more you do it, the easier and more natural it becomes.

I was told once by my meditation mentor, Dr Joe Dispenza, in his advanced Meditation workshop, that one of the most important parts to remember when you’re creating something using the power of intention, is that you act as if it’s already a part of your life.

Talk like it is, feel like it is, LIVE as if it is already who you are and already in your life.

In my case, it would mean telling people that I am going to Bali for a 4-month vacation even though at this point in time I have no idea HOW this is going to come about.

The ‘how’ isn’t the part we need to be concerned with – the exception being your action steps

We leave the ‘how’ to a greater power.

To the universe and to consciousness.

When our inner world and our goal is more real to us than our current reality we’re on our way to becoming true Imagineers.

Imagineer’s, by the way, is a term I use for people who use their imagination to create their own reality.

And now for the MOST important part of this whole process.

But first, I want to share a quick story.

I have a fridge magnet that says;

“it’s not about the destination – its about the journey.”

Yep – here it is – STILL on my fridge except now I LOVE it… (well most days I do!)













I’ve had it for what seems like FOREVER – I think I might have been about 22 when I bought it and I’m nearly 38 now.

I can remember a long time ago now, there were days when I absolutely detested that magnet to the point where I would take it off the fridge and put it away somewhere so I couldn’t see it.

Or I would walk past it and tell it to $%@! off.

Yep – it’s true.

At those points in my life, I was so OVER the journey and so excited about where I thought I was heading that my whole life was a bit like “I’ll be happy when _________” fill in the blank with whatever it was I was creating at the time.

The thing is, I wasn’t enjoying the journey and I knew that.

I also knew there was some truth in that damn magnet, which is why I never actually threw it out.

15 years and LOTS of experiences and expansion later, I believe I now have the formula for being an Imagineer.

The KEY to bringing a goal into your reality is to have both a belief that is anchored by your senses in your subconscious mind AND at the same time being able to feel gratitude for whatever it is you want before it actually happens.

Let me explain.

You’ve probably heard about the importance of gratitude.

It seems to be a very widespread topic of conversation, which is GREAT because it truly is the key to living an amazing life.

As far as your brain and body are concerned, feeling gratitude for something means it’s already happened.  It can’t tell the difference because it can only go on the feelings you’re expressing.

Nothing is more powerful than this for anchoring a goal into your subconscious mind.

If every cell of your body believes you already have it, by simply feeling as though you do, then it has transitioned from being a goal into being a BELIEF.

So how do you feel gratitude for something you don’t have yet?

You pretend that you do – its that simple.

Close your eyes and go back into one of the visualisations you created in Step 2.

Now really imagine what it would be like if that were already true.

How would it change your life?

How different would waking up in the morning feel if it was in your reality?

How would you talk and what would you say?

If you can commit to doing this for about 15 minutes every day, taking a stroll into your future and really feeling gratitude for what you have created before it has happened…

…That is when the magic really begins to happen.

Oh and you should know that a manifestation always comes in a unexpected but amazingly awesome way so that it’s obvious to you that you manifested it.

Hmmmm maybe this is the best part… it’s often so hard to choose.

So that’s the difference between simply deciding to do something and potentially forgetting all about it within a matter of minutes


Setting a clear intention with SOUL and following the steps required to begin magically (yep I’m using that word because my life pretty much feels magical all the time) manifest whatever your heart desires.

We are, in fact, meant to be living the life of our dreams and enjoying almost every single second of it.

If this sounds like your life then I’m sending you a HUGE energetic high five for loving yourself enough and being brave enough to give life your best shot.

If there are still a few (or lots) of things you would like to change or reprogram or possibly delete, remember that everything worth doing begins with one small step and that even the people living the most extraordinary lives today all started somewhere.


Wow – you read the WHOLE thing – you are amazing and deserve something a little extra special for that effort! So please download these free posters that I’ve created just for you, as a reminder that all of your intentions will be SOUL powered from now on… seriously – so much love for you right now! 


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  1. That’s what I am talking about! Learning to talk the talk and walk the walk. Love it! Now to throw a few tango steps and twirls into the walk 💃🏻✨❣

  2. I too use my journal and my blog diftyrenfle. The posts on my blog are definitely put through a “do I want the world to read this” screen. There is absolutely no filter for the journal (but then, it is NOT for sharing, either).

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