To be or not to be…. that is the question.

Well here goes!  Blog number one for the ‘business’ that has been in my heart for what feels like forever and a day. It is kinda surreal to be typing it… like as soon as I press Publish – something will shift.. ahhh the sweet feeling of childlike excitement and wonder – I freaking love it!

This is business number two for me.  The first love of my life was an Organic Skin Care company called Bubbles Organic and like all first loves it is still holding a very special piece of my heart.  Especially now that my kindred spirit and sister Mel has come into the business as my partner and by putting her very different and much needed energy into it to ensure it grows into the global skincare education leader it has the potential to be… This leaves me open to explore my new love… soulfull clarity..

Bubbles was started in a very different energy space to soulfull… I was a new mum who was navigating the new emotions of overwhelm and who the hell am I now other than someone’s mum and balancing that with a HUGE amount of unconditional love for my new baby boy.  Before I knew it only 1 year later – I was blessed with the knowledge number 2 was on the way… Whoa what a time in my life that was.. Im sure we will talk about that A LOT more…

One of the parts that was most frustrating for me was my perceived lack of contribution to the world – what was I doing other than breastfeeding, changing nappies and not sleeping? Where was that girl who had dreams and aspirations and goals other than to get more than 2 hours sleep a night…?   My solution – start a business and fill that void QUICK before number 2 comes along and makes it even harder!

Fill it I did with something I was always planning on doing ‘one day’.  As a  qualified clinical Aromatherapist and Beauty Therapist I already ran a small home based skin clinic (not sure why that wasnt enough….!) and I used my own home made creams and oils on my clients.  I had always wanted to retail the range but it meant LOTS more work i.e. formulating, labels, insurances, pricing, website etc etc – but  I was a stay at home mum – god!  I had all the time in the world…!!  Yep that is actually what I thought… dear me….

So 3 weeks before my daughter Emerson was born – I launched the range to my closest friends and family… I don’t really remember much of it – the day before is clearer when my entire family and extra’s filled, labelled and packaged hundreds of different products.  I even had to make a batch of baby balm that day that I had never made before…!!  It worked and is still a best seller… Phew….


Fast forward a few years and Kye is now nearly 7 and Em is 5… Life is different – easier in some ways and more challenging in others – family life and parenting just continues to evolve and change… but my experiences and my journey since launching Bubbles 5 years ago has felt like the longest ever roller coaster ride… Thank goodness I love theme parks but Im also relieved that I can quite honestly say that right in this moment I have found what I now lovingly refer to as Soulfull Clarity and I am living breathing and enjoying a life I LOVE with every cell in my body.

So Soulfull was ‘birthed’ in an energy of BE rather than DO like Bubbles was… I have felt at times like I wish it was happening faster and that I was making changes more quickly that I was…When we can set goals and intentions and then truly relax and allow this I believe is true mastery and one of the things I love to guide people to feel and embrace… Yes we need to take action – we need to put in the work when that is the next step in our journey but we never need to feel rushed, impatient or fearful – they are wasted emotions and deplete our energy stores that we should be saving for more important things like playing with our kids!


Im looking forward to sharing my experiences with you and feel honoured that you are sharing part of your journey with me because by reading this we are in fact exchanging energy right now… can you feel me sending you a big high five or a hug if that is your preference??

Lets do this thing called life together because more is quite simply MERRIER and connection is the key to living a life from your soul… Just like one of my mentor’s says so beautifully;

“Connection is the energy created between two people when they feel seen, heard and valued.  When they can give and receive without judgement…” Brene Brown…

So welcome to Soulfull Clarity – where you will be seen, heard and valued.

Until we connect again,






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  1. Love your space my sparkly lady. It ‘feels’.

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